Multi-Channel Spectroscopy (VKS)
The Potsdam MRS Spectrograph – heritage of MUSE
The Potsdam MRS Spectrograph – heritage of MUSE and the impact of cross-innovation in the process of technology transfer
B. Moralejo, M.M. Roth, P. Godefroy, T. Fechner, S.M. Bauer, E. Schmälzlin, A. Kelz, R. Haynes
Proc. SPIE 9912, Advances in Optical and Mechanical Technologies for Telescopes and Instrumentation II, 991222,

After having demonstrated that an IFU, attached to a microscope rather than to a telescope, is capable of differentiating complex organic tissue with spatially resolved Raman spectroscopy, we have launched a clinical validation program that utilizes a novel optimized fiber-coupled multi-channel spectrograph whose layout is based on the modular MUSE spectrograph concept. The new design features a telecentric input and has an extended blue performance, but otherwise maintains the properties of high throughput and excellent image quality over an octave of wavelength coverage with modest spectral resolution. We present the opto-mechanical layout and details of its optical performance.
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