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Advanced Particle Size Analysis in High-Solid-Content Polymer Dispersions

innoFSPEC's latest publication reports on the deployment of PDW Spectroscopy in polymer dispersions of high solid contents. For the first time, water-swelling factors were determined via an iterative approach of PDW spectroscopy error minimization. Find more information in the publication here.

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innoFSPEC Summer Forum

We were very happy to be finally able to bring back our tradition of the innoFSPEC Summer Forum. Once more, we had the pleasure of spending a delightful summer evening, surrounded by our current innoFSPEC members, former colleagues, and collaboration partners. The atmosphere was warm, relaxed, and friendly, and we're grateful to all of you who joined us for the fun!

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Measurement Campaign @ Evonik

As part of the NanoPAT project, innoFSPEC conducted a PDW measurement campaign at Evonik's Research & Development laboratories in Wesseling, in collaboration with colleagues from NanoPAT partner PDW Analytics GmbH.

To pave the way to implement PDW technology at Evonik's pilot plants, we initiated PDW spectroscopy testing in a 160L reactor at Evonik's R&D lab. The preliminary results were highly promising, prompting us to plan the scale-up into the pilot plant for this autumn.

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Tobias Simon, Sebastian Zimmermann (innoFSPEC) and Hilmar Tasto (Evonik) at the Evonik site in Wesseling.

Brings Light into the Gloom

innoFSPEC members Anika Krause, Marvin Münzberg and their colleagues from TU Berlin (Björn Gutschmann, Sebastian Riedel) and PDW Analytics (Roland Hass) have published an article about PDW Spectroscopy in the "GIT Fachlaborzeitschrift" (Wiley-VCH). It nicely summarises the principle of operation and the diverse application fields of this technology, illustrating its advantages by diving deeper into one application example of PDW spectroscopy: The monitoring and control of the production process of bioplastics as a "waste" product of bacteria. The article was also pubished at Wiley Analytical Science. You can find it here: German version, English version.

GIT Article

NanoPAT measurement Campaign at Covestro, NL

As part of the NanoPAT project, innoFSPEC, PDW Analytics GmbH (Potsdam) and POLYMAT (Donostía, Spain) performed a PDW measurement campaign at the laboratories of their industrial partner Covestro in The Netherlands.

The primary objective of the visit was to test PDW spectroscopy at Covestro’s R&D Lab for various syntheses that are significant to Covestro’s production portfolio. It marks the first instance where Covestro can monitor their synthesis processes inline, and the initial results look promising! The visit was conducted within the context of Case Study 1 “Polymers”.

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 Group picture of the participating NanoPAT partners after the discussion of the preliminary measurement results.