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innoFSPEC welcomes new member

Freshly graduated from Cambridge University where she looked at the causes and consequences of air pollution, Dr Anika Krause has recently joined us as scientific coordinator and centre manager of innoFSPEC. Her missions are, among others, to strengthen the collaboration with local, national, and international research and industrial partners; and to secure the permanent establishment of our institute beyond the end of the current funding period in 2021.

We look forward to working with her!


Get in touch with Anika for any questions, ideas or suggestions!    ©private

More sustainable production of polymer dispersions

In cooperation with PDW-Analytics, innoFSPEC has developed a method to monitor the production process of polymeric adhesives used for example for glueing furniture, windows, and other building objects. Conventional analytical techniques, such as dynamic light scattering (DLS) or static light scattering (SLS), require the termination of a chemical reaction and dilution of a sample. However, with Photon Density Wave (PDW) spectroscopy polymer production processes can be monitored in real-time - directly inside the reactor. No additional solvents are needed for dilution; potential failures in the process can be detected inline and appropriate actions can be taken instantaneously, significantly reducing the material and energy consumption of the production process.

Find more information in Stephanie Schlappa’s recent publication in the MDPI Special Edition Journal “polymers – Waterborne Polymers”.

polymers Stephanie Schlappa

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innoFSPEC in current "Europhysics News"

"Astrophotonics: processing starlight" - a feature article about Astrophotonics and research at innoFSPEC was published in Europhysics News (EPN) by our team members Aashia Rahman, Ph.D., and Dr. Aline Dinkelaker. The theme of the issue is Black Holes, one of the most mysterious type of objects in the Universe. The topic of Astrophotonics fits aptly as this technology has been used to study stars around Black Holes.

Find out more about this and exciting applications of Astrophotonics in the EPN article.

Introductory Illustration

Astrophotonic chip developed at innoFSPEC, © A. Stoll

New Senior Fellow Network discussed potential of Nanotechnology

As already published here, innoFSPEC has been involved in the EU project "NanoPAT" since June this year. In the context of a new Senior Fellow Network on Nanomaterials at the University of Potsdam, experts from science and technology discussed the potential of Nanotechnology live on YouTube on November 9th. The interesting event with forward-looking insights can be streamed on demand (only in German).

SFN Nanomaterials

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innoFSPEC @ Analytica virtual from October 19 to 23, 2020

In order to bring exhibitors and visitors together nevertheless, Messe München has launched analytica virtual, sending a signal for the future of the lab industry: in times of digital transformation, corona is no reason to do without valuable business contacts and news of the latest products. Therfore our colleague and PhD candidate Stephanie Schlappa (Applied Analytical Photonic) will manage the interactive virtual exhibition stand of innoFSPEC at this year's Analyitica trade fair.

From October 19 to 23, 2020 you can gather information about the latest developments in process analysis technology and discuss your questions with her around the clock. To do so, you need to register using the following link.


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