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NanoPAT networking - welcome Emma!

We are happy to welcome Despina Emmanouilidou from Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) who is visiting innoFSPEC this week for training and networking purposes within the European NanoPAT project. With her, four partners of the NanoPAT consortium from 3 different European countries (ZHAW in Switzerland, University of the Basque Country / POLYMAT in Spain, University of Potsdam and PDW Analytics from Germany) are currently present at innoFSPEC!

nanoPAT Emma group pic

Left to right: Anika Krause (PDW Analytics / UP), Usue Aspiazu (POLYMAT), Marvin Münzberg (UP), Sebastian Zimmermann (UP), Despina Emmanouilidou (ZHAW).

innoFSPEC participates at Public Climate School

As part of the Public Climate School innoFSPEC researchers Prof. Bald and Dr. Reich gave a public talk on "Hydrogen as a (new) energy carrier" on May 18th 2021. Based on their lecture on Physical Chemistry, various properties and aspects of hydrogen have been discussed and put into perspective concerning its use as an energy carrier. Vivid discussions by students from the University of Potsdam and external participants have shown a great interest in this upcoming topic.

Logo PublicClimateSchool 3

OptiZED for future medicine

The OptiZED project, a coorperation between innoFSPEC and the Center for Molecular Bioengineering (B CUBE) Dresden, is developing specialised optical sensing devices for the minimal invasive diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions. Optical fibers coated with specific nanostructures could soon be used to identify medical indicators such as inflammatory or cancer biomarkers. The same device might also be used to treat the diagnosed condition, for example by releasing pharmaceutical agents exactly at the required location. An article about the great potential of this new technology was recently published in an insert of the Tagespiegel and Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten (German). You can also find more information here.

Zeitungsbeilage OptiZED


innoFSPEC member Stephanie Schlappa is presenting her latest research results on the development of optical sensing technologies for highly disperse nano solutions at the international conference NANOTECH FRANCE 2021. More information here.

Nanotech France

PDW spectroscopy for Biodegradable Plastics

During a joint project of innoFSPEC and the chair of bioprocess engineering at the TU Berlin, photon density wave (PDW) spectroscopy has been successfully applied as a process analytical tool for the production of biodegradable plastics. For the first time, it was possible to observe the biotechnological production process inline and in real time, allowing to optimise its efficiency. The achievements were reported by the German radio station Deutschlandfunk. For more details, see also the joint publication from TU Berlin and innoFSPEC.

Bio plastics1a

From left to right: Dr. Sebastian L. Riedel, Thomas Schiewe, Björn Gutschmann