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Interview of innoFSPEC co-founder Prof Martin Roth

innoFSPEC co-founder Prof. Martin Roth was recently interviewed by Carlos Lee, the Director General of the European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC). Prof. Roth talks about his exciting career at the AIP, reflects on the guiding principles he followed to conduct successful academic research and technology transfer, and gives valuable advice to future entrepreneurs. Have a look at the interview here!

InterviewRothCopyright: Sven-Marian Bauer (AIP)

New project and new member: optiPBR and Jon Scouten

The new project optiPBR has recently started at innoFSPEC. Over the next three years, our researchers, including our new member Jon Scouten, will work together with colleagues from SOPAT GmbH and PDW Analytics GmbH to develop an optical sensor platform to online-monitor the cultivation of microalgae in photobioreactors (PBR) and detect potential bioburdens such as bacteria or protozoa. Thanks to the platform, the efficiency of industrial-scale microalgae production may be significantly increased, adressing global food supply shortfalls that are anticipated due to overpopulation and climate change in the future.

OptiPBR graph abstract

Successful NanoPAT review meeting

Last week, the NanoPAT consortium presented the progress of their work to the EU project officer Yanaris Ortega Garcia and external expert John Parthenios. In the Horizon 2020 project, partners from 8 European countries work together to advance novel process analytical technologies, such as PDW spectroscopy, for industrial nanoparticle production processes. Thanks to Yanaris and John for their nice feedback and encouragment to continue their work!

ReviewMeeting1 GroupPic

Pro Physik review stresses the importance of Astrophotonics

The Pro Physik consortium, which contains several renowned peer-reviewed journals such as the Physik Journal of the German Physical Society, has recently published an astrophysical review of the year 2021. The review stressed the importance of the growing field of Astrophotonics and its relevance for the development of the next generation of astro­no­mical instruments. innoFSPEC is proud to host one of the leading groups in Astrophotonics led by Dr. Kalaga Madhav, and looks forward to more of their stunning research in the coming years.

210813 chip spektrograph aip A StollAstro­photonic spektro­graph developed by innoFSPEC (picture: A. Stoll, AIP).

Goodbye Daniela (and 2021)!

At the end of year 2021, innoFSPEC member Daniela Vasquez has left our group. We will miss her positive attitude as well as her excellent research! Fortunately, Daniela has not moved far: You can now find her in Prof. Santer's Group for Experimental Physics at the University of Potsdam. Of course, she is always welcome to come over for a visit!


Daniela's farewell and innoFSPEC Christmas party with delicious homemade dishes (right) and team bowling (left; Daniela in the front).