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Visit at POLYMAT

innoFSPEC members Stephanie Schlappa and Tobias Simon are currently visiting our colleagues at the POLYMAT Institute of the University of the Basque Country in Spain. POLYMAT is our partner in the NanoPAT project, responsible for the lab-scale replication and PDW monitoring of polymeric dispersion synthesis processes. Stephanie and Tobias are supporting them in the maintainance of the PDW spectrometer and the analysis of the measurement data. We are wishing them a successful collaboration!


From left to right: Stephanie Schlappa (innoFSPEC), Usue Aspiazu (POLYMAT), Tobias Simon (innoFSPEC)

Listen.UP podcast: Dr Marvin Münzberg

The latest episode (#8) of the Listen.UP podcast of Potsdam University portrayed innoFSPEC group leader Dr Marvin Münzberg as well as innoFSPEC as a research center. The episode stresses innoFSPECs important role in the knowledge transfer between the university and industrial partners, particularly in the field of process analytical technologies (PAT); and thereby arising career options such as dual career systems . Dr Münzberg explains further how PDW spectroscopy, as a PAT that was uniquely developed at innoFSPEC, can be used for diverse industrial applications, from cheese production to algae cultivation. Listen in here!

Listen.UP Podcast Julia DepisPicture: Julia Depis

Save the date: SDW2022, 5th - 9th September

What? Scientific Detector Workshop (SDW2022)
When? Sept 5th to 9th 2022
Where? Telegrafenberg in the city of Potsdam

After a long (unvoluntary) Covid-break, the SDW can finally take place again. Initiated in 1993, it regularly convenes the foremost scientific users of visible and infrared detectors in Astronomy and Earth Science with the world’s leading manufacturers of high performance detectors. As per tradition, the workshop will commence with a social event the evening of Sunday, September 4th (of course, under appropriate Covid-regulations), so do save that evening as well! More details here.

einsteinturm 7443Einstein tower on Telegrafenberg. Copyright: R. Arlt (AIP).

Interview of innoFSPEC co-founder Prof Martin Roth

innoFSPEC co-founder Prof. Martin Roth was recently interviewed by Carlos Lee, the Director General of the European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC). Prof. Roth talks about his exciting career at the AIP, reflects on the guiding principles he followed to conduct successful academic research and technology transfer, and gives valuable advice to future entrepreneurs. Have a look at the interview here!

InterviewRothCopyright: Sven-Marian Bauer (AIP)

New project and new member: optiPBR and Jon Scouten

The new project optiPBR has recently started at innoFSPEC. Over the next three years, our researchers, including our new member Jon Scouten, will work together with colleagues from SOPAT GmbH and PDW Analytics GmbH to develop an optical sensor platform to online-monitor the cultivation of microalgae in photobioreactors (PBR) and detect potential bioburdens such as bacteria or protozoa. Thanks to the platform, the efficiency of industrial-scale microalgae production may be significantly increased, adressing global food supply shortfalls that are anticipated due to overpopulation and climate change in the future.

OptiPBR graph abstract