Applied Analytical Photonics (AAP)
Real-time inline monitoring of zeolite synthesis
Real-time inline monitoring of zeolite synthesis by Photon Density Wave spectroscopy
Janick Häne, Dominik Brühwiler, Achim Ecker, Roland Hass
The formation process of zeolite A (Linde Type A) was monitored inline at 1.5 L scale by Photon Density Wave (PDW) spectroscopy as novel process analytical technology for highly turbid liquid suspensions. As a result, the reduced scattering coefficient, being a measure for particle number, size, and morphology, provides distinct process information, including the formation of amorphous particles and their transfer into crystalline zeolite structures. The onset and end of the crystallization process can be detected inline and in real-time. Analyses by powder X-ray diffraction and electron microscopy, based on a sampling approach, support the interpretation of the results obtained by PDW spectroscopy. In addition, the influence of the molar water content was investigated, indicating a linear increase of the time needed to reach the end of the zeolite A crystallization with increasing molar water content. Further experiments indicate a strong influence of the silica source on the course of the crystallization. The applicability of PDW spectroscopy under even more demanding chemical and physical conditions was investigated by monitoring the synthesis of zeolite L (Linde Type L).
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