Hybrid Nanostructures (HNS)
DNA origami to build multifunctional materials
The potential of DNA origami to build multifunctional materials
K.Tapio; I. Bald
The development of the DNA origami technique has revolutionized the field of DNA nanotechnology as it allows to create virtually any arbitrarily shaped nanostructure out of DNA on a 10–100 nm length scale by a rather robust self-assembly process. Additionally, DNA origami nanostructures can be modified with chemical entities with nanometer precision, which allows to tune precisely their properties, their mutual interactions and interactions with their environment. The flexibility and modularity of DNA origami allows also for the creation of dynamic nanostructures, which opens up a plethora of possible functions and applications. Here we review the fundamental properties of DNA origami nanostructures, the wide range of functions that arise from these properties and finally present possible applications of DNA origami based multifunctional materials.
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