Astrophotonics (AP)
Discrete Beam Combiner (DBC)
First on-sky results with a interferometric Discrete Beam Combiner (DBC) at the William Herschel Telescope
M. Roth; T. Sharma; L. Labadie; A. Nayak; S. Piacenteni; G. Corrielli; R. Osellame; A. Dinkelaker; E. Pedretti; K. Madhav
In long-baseline interferometry, over the last few decades integrated optics beam combiners have become at- tractive technological solutions for new-generation instruments operating at infrared wavelengths. We have investigated different architectures of discrete beam combiners (DBC), which are 2D lattice arrangement of channel waveguides that can be fabricated by exploiting the 3D capability of the ultrafast laser inscription (ULI) fabrication techniques. Here, we present the first interferometric on-sky results of an integrated optics beam combiner based on a coherent pupil remapper and 4 input/23 output zig-zag based DBC, both written monolith- ically in a single borosilicate glass. We show the preliminary results of visibility amplitudes and closure phases obtained from the Vega star by using the previously calibrated transfer matrix of the device.
Journal Article